Filling Out The Red Robin Application

At Red Robin, the company is built on four Core Values. This is honor, integrity, continually seeking knowledge and having fun. Now if you have similar traits then working for Red Robin may be for you. They offer an exciting place to work and best of all you get to work for the #1 Zagat rated burger restaurant! Now first thing is first, you will need to fill out the Red Robin application. This is a relatively simple application.



Click Here For The Official Red Robin Application Form


The first thing you must do is obtain a copy of the application. The easiest way to do that is to just go to the Red Robin website and download the Red Robin application form. This takes just a second to download. You can then fill out the application and bring it to your nearest restaurant location.


The first part of the Red Robin application is the personal information section. Make sure you clearly print out your name, home phone number, current work or cell phone number, and address. You will also need to check that you are at least 18 years of age. After that you will need to enter your social security number for your W2, followed by your email address if you have one. Check whether you have or have not ever been convicted of a felony. Finally, the last part of this section is where you enter your emergency contact information.


The next section of the Red Robin application is for your availability. For each day of the week just enter the hours in which are are available for work. Include the start time and the end time in which you are available.


The third section of the Red Robin application is to enter the position in which you are applying for, your expected wage, and when you can start. You will also need to check whether you have ever applied for this position before. Finally just list how you heard about Red Robin and if you were referred by anyone to work at Red Robin.


The next section is your employment history. This section is pretty self explanatory. Just enter the company you worked for, job title, dates employed, and supervisor contact number. They may or may not contact these references.


The next three sections on are where you enter your level of education and any certificates or degrees, followed by your job qualifications. You will need to write in why you would like to work for the company. Finally you will need to enter at least 3 professional references. These do not necessarily have to be within the same industry but it would help if they were.


The last section of the Red Robin application is basically just the legal portion. It merely states that both you and the company have a right to be released from the job at any time. It also authorizes them to contact any previous employer should they wish. Finally it grants them the right to do any drug screening if they feel it is necessary. Just put your signature and date at the bottom.

Tips On Getting Hired

In order to become a team member of restaurant you must first complete the official Red Robin application. Once you have done that you will then gain an interview. To improve your chances of getting hired at Red Robin, take a moment to read the following for tips on getting hired with the company. Now these tips will not guarantee that you get the job you so desire but they will certainly improve your chances of your Red Robin application being approved.


The first step you must take is to dress for success. This may sound a little cliche but it is so true. For job interviews with Red Robin you will want to dress in business casual attire. This means a collared shirt and pants with shoes. The first impression is key and will get your interview off on the right foot.


After turning in the Red Robin application its time to get ready for the interview. The interview process with Red Robin is typically a one on one question and answer session. In some cases, especially for management level positions this may require multiple interviews. Before you walk into the interview make sure that you remember everything that is on your application and resume. You will most likely be asked several questions regarding the information on your application and resume.


One set of questions that you may be asked during the interview process with Red Robin are situational questions. You might be asked if something happens to a customer, what would you do or how would you handle the situation. Or if an employee does this how would you respond to the situation. It is best to think about some of these scenarios ahead of time so that you are prepared when asked these types of questions. Take your time and give a thoughtful response to each of the questions.


When answering questions from the interviewer try to respond positive and enthusiastic. Provide answers that give the feeling of a team-oriented attitude. In questions regarding customers always provide answers with a customer first approach. The saying “the customer is always right” rings true most of the time.


During your interview make sure you keep eye contact when listening to questions and responding with your answers. Maintain proper posture and do not slouch or mumble when providing your answers to the interviewer. This is a simple thing to do and can set a positive tone throughout the interview process.


Once the interview is concluded be gracious and courteous. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to apply for and hopefully become a team member of Red Robin. Be sure to ask when you might expect a response on becoming a team member. Most of the time you only have to wait a few days to hear back from someone regarding your employment.


One last tip on getting hired with Red Robin. You may also be asked to submit a drug screening before beginning work. This is a simple process and you will be given specific instructions once you pass the interview process. Be sure you are absolutely certain you will pass this test before turning in the Red Robin application.

Red Robin Job Requirements

Want to work at Red Robin? An employee at Red Robin is not just called an employee. They are called a team member. That is the type of environment that restaurant cultures in their work environment. Now before you go through the Red Robin application and interview process at you must first know all of the job requirements of the restaurant.


The first requirement for working at Red Robin is known the core values. There are four core values at Red Robin. These are integrity, honor, seeking knowledge, and having fun. These core values are the foundation of every restaurant.


There are currently four different job categories you can apply for on the Red Robin application. The first would be for their home office in Greenwood Village. Typical requirements for these jobs are at least 4-5 years of experience, graduate certifications, restaurant industry experience, ability to manage multiple projects and tasks, and proficiency in management and communication skills. There are additional requirements based which are specific to each job title and description.


The other three job categories fall under the restaurant jobs category. The first in this category is the management positions at the local Red Robin restaurants. Positions include general manager, assistant general manager, restaurant manager, and kitchen manager. These positions require the ability to manage up to 100 employees (as a general manager), accountability in hiring and training team members, and interest in building relationships. These are all things to consider when turning in the Red Robin application.


The next set of positions under the restaurants category are the hourly positions. These positions include the server, hosts, hostesses, expediter, bartender, line cook, dishwasher, and busser. A server must be approachable by nature and offer a friendly smile as they guide the guests through their dining experience. A host or hostess must have a friendly demeanor as they are one of the main ones that leaves a lasting impression of Red Robin. An expediter must be able to think quickly on his or her feet, making sure orders are sent out on time and properly. A bartender must have at least a basic knowledge of mixing drinks and is required to master the Red Robin recipe book. A line cook must be fluent in all styles of food preparation. A dishwasher must have a desire of cleanliness. Finally a busser must have the skills of clearing and resetting tables and multi-tasking. Take your particular skills and experience into consideration when filling out the Red Robin application.


The final job area are the regional positions at Red Robin. A regional position holds the company together. They handle all of the communication and needs from the specific restaurants to distribution to the corporate office. Most Red Robin regional job requirements require you have multiple years of experience not only in the restaurant industry but also in the management of restaurants. Experience here is key. A regional manager must also have a strong knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures in a restaurant. A regional manager also must be at least 21 years of age and have a minimum of 2 years worth of experience in the industry.


Now these job requirements are not set in stone. If you do not meet all of the job requirements you encouraged to turn in the Red Robin application and hopefully land the job you desire.

About Red Robin

Now that you have the Red Robin application, I would like to speak a moment about the company. The Red Robin story goes all the way back to 1940 in Seattle, Washington. Back then the original Red Robin was just called Sam’s Tavern. The name was then changed to Sam’s Red Robin when the owner took a liking to the 1926 song “When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along)” written by songwriter Harry M. Woods. Then in 1969 the tavern was purchased by restaurant entrepreneur Gerry Kingen. He changed the name to what it is today, Red Robin, and expanded the menu and restaurant to offer burgers, fries, and more.


Today the Red Robin franchise has spread to more than 450 restaurants nationwide, from coast to coast. They have built their reputation on building gourmet burgers, using only the highest quality ingredients, supporting sustainable farming, and animal welfare.


The Red Robin company is based on four core values. These are honor, integrity, seeking knowledge, and having fun. These core values are the foundation of everything that goes into their gourmet burgers, how they treat their team members, and how customers are treated when they visit a Red Robin restaurant. These qualities make the restaurant a great place to work at. Whats more is the Red Robin application process is quick and easy.


Honor means having respect for fellow Red Robin team members. The company celebrates the individuality of each and every guest and employee. This is the key to the unbridled restaurant experience at Red Robin. Integrity means employees are empowered to do the right thing. Red Robin provides the training needed to carry out their job and empowers them to give customers the Red Robin experience. Continually seeking knowledge means Red Robin encourages team members to share knowledge and pass it on to fellow team members and management. Finally, having fun means just that. Red Robin encourages their team members to have fun. This is a part of everything they do. It keeps team members fresh and always willing to learn new things. If you are looking for work consider turning in the Red Robin application today.


The core values of Red Robin extends to their unparalleled and extraordinary approach to Guest service known as Unbridled Acts. There are countless stories of employees living within the company’s values by performing random acts of kindness to both restaurant guests and team members of Red Robin. These are referred to as an Unbridled Act and is a true testament to the culture that is nurtured at Red Robin.


Red Robin as a company also extends these acts of kindness through their environmental stewardships. Some of these things including switching to the more energy efficient LED lighting in all of their restaurants, promoting a solar power program to lower demand for electric power generation and thus help reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions, and employing energy management systems in several test restaurants. They have also made other small changes that have resulted in a big impact like eliminating paper payroll checks, integrating electronic transfers, installing more efficient fixtures, replacing older and more power hungry televisions, recycling oil, introducing eco friendly cups, and more.


All of these initiatives are representative of the core values of restaurant and the type of culture that they try to cultivate within the company. This in turn reflects positively to the patrons of the restaurants. 

Thanks for checking out this Article about Red Robin. Be sure to visit our other articles on the restaurant and Red Robin application information.